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Susan Q. Yin • February 14, 2023

BGDM 3.0 is here: browngirlsdocmafia.org! Since our humble beginnings in 2015 as an underground collective to now, a full-fledged 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, BGDM remains committed to investing in our community of women and non-binary documentary professionals.


Last year, in conjunction with our move from Facebook Group to a new private online community, we set out to build a website that reflects the heart of our mission — bringing greater visibility to our incredible members. To give space to our talented members and their stories, we’ve dedicated the majority of the homepage real estate to two new sections: MEMBERS and STORIES.

Moving forward, stories will be published regularly about our members, their craft, their projects, and their discourse on the nonfiction field. We’ll also be highlighting BGDM directory profiles in each profession on rotation. To start, don’t miss the talented editors currently featured and stories on:

When BGDM launched our Member Directory in fall 2020, we were already planning for the next iteration. Our goal was always to create a tool that not only serves the film industry as a destination to track, hire, fund, and collaborate with the talented BGDM community, but also allows our members to self-identify and tell their own narratives. You’ll find a bold new look and added directory search functionalities to help you connect with thousands of BGDM members. We’ve also expanded profile information, such as pronouns, IMBD link and if a member is available for hire.

Now that you are here, explore the site and discover what BGDM has been up to! Who we are, what we do, our current team, how to become a member, and so much more. Building a website and a new online community is a laborious effort that cannot happen without your support. Please consider making a recurring donation that will bolster BGDM’s ability to continue our march towards an intersectional documentary industry where people of color chart new paths, tell our own stories, and thrive in power and abundance. Thank you for being on this journey with us and supporting us along the way.

P.s. - If you see any bugs or errors on the new site, drop us a tip at communications@browngirlsdocmafia.org!

Susan Q. Yin
Susan Q. Yin

Susan Q. Yin (she/her) is a visual communicator and digital strategist with over a decade of experience serving mission-driven organizations. She works to elevate storytelling by integrating art and design with data-driven communication and technology solutions.