It is Time to #MoveWithBGDM

Daquisha Jones-Sol • June 20, 2023

My favorite part of a fundraising campaign is this first day. The hope of reaching your goal is palpable. There are reminders everywhere that your community supports you and they want to witness your impact. Today I am full of hope and gratitude.

Working towards change in our racist, sexist, and heteronormative society is a relentless task that requires consistency and fortitude. But many hands make light work, and we at Brown Girls Doc Mafia (BGDM) are honored to work at the leading edge of change in our industry with your support since 2015.

Last year, Black woman led organizations received just 0.05% of the $69 billion given to charitable donations.

Shocking, right? It’d be easy for us to be frightened by this statistic as a new nonprofit led by a Black woman. But we aren’t discouraged — we know that our cause is worthy, our will is strong, the time is right, and that we have YOU in our corner.

From June 20th to July 24th, Brown Girls Doc Mafia (BGDM) is running the #MoveWithBGDM campaign to raise $250,000 and engage 5,000 new allies.

Donations ensure that we can execute our ambitious plans for 2024 and beyond, which include:

  • BIPOC Project Forum
  • Executive Track program
  • Fellowship for Emerging Talent
  • More workshops to address our community’s creative, professional, and holistic needs

We invite you to join our efforts by investing in our growing institution, and spreading the word about the power of BGDM to your personal and professional communities.

In addition to donating, we invite you to join our fundraising team! We’ll provide you with a toolkit that includes email templates, social media graphics, and key dates of activities you can get engaged with.


BGDM knows that progress is hard won and must be fiercely protected. With you alongside us, we’ll continue moving towards a future that nurtures, amplifies, and invests in our members.

Thank you and get ready to #MoveWithBGDM!

Daquisha Jones-Sol
Daquisha Jones-Sol

Daquisha Jones-Sol, (she/her) is a Philadelphia-based writer and development professional with five years experience in equitable arts access, and organizational and foundational development.