Meet the Members: Sundance 2023

Lissa Deonarain • January 12, 2023

BGDM is going to Sundance 2023! Take a peek at who will be on the ground at Park City this month.

Meet the Members is our gallery of BGDM members attending each festival to support their visibility. In the gallery, you can find who from BGDM is attending the festival, showing their films, speaking on panels and premiering their work alongside their bios, current projects, contact information and who they are looking to connect with at festivals! Whether you're looking for projects or interested in learning more about our community, it's an incredible resource to support BIPOC women and nonbinary artists and professionals in the documentary field.

Lissa Deonarain
Lissa Deonarain

Lissa Deonarain (she/they) is a queer, disabled, multiracial Guyanese-American documentary filmmaker, editor, communications specialist and producer. She has produced films around the world, and worked with award-winning directors.