Meet the 2021 Summer Feedback Loop Advisors

Juliana Sakae • March 3, 2021

We have recruited a badass team of BIPOC leaders in their fields who will be paired with BGDM projects in the rough and fine cut stages for the 2021 Feedback Loop Program: Editing & Film Festival Strategy. These advisors will give feedback on the projects, and help filmmakers navigate festival strategy.

Festival Programmers

Abby Sun - True/False, The DocYard

Marangeli Mejia-Rabell - Philly Latino Film Festival

Lucy Mukerjee - Tribeca, Outfest


Steven Golliday - King in the Wilderness; Dreamland: The Burning of Black Wall Street

Rabab Haj Yahya - The Feeling of Being Watched; Speed Sisters

David Teague - E-Team; Cutie and the Boxer; The Cage Fighter

Feedback Loop aims to help BGDM members take greater leaps towards their project goals by providing them with in-depth feedback directly from Creative and Industry Advisors. This iteration of Feedback Loop will focus on Editing & Festival Prep for members with projects in the late rough cut edit stage (with a cut under 2 hours), to be paired with a consulting editor and a festival curator.

The program was born out of Iyabo Boyd's experience as a funder at Chicken & Egg back in the day, and as a screener or juror for a variety of film festivals. Sitting in those rooms deliberating over projects for hours with actual gatekeepers and curators, Iyabo realized that the conversations behind the scenes about the project would be incredibly informative for the filmmaker if they had the privilege to hear what was being said, or if they received honest feedback directly from these industry players. Since that kind of transparency is rare in our industry, and has immense power to enable a filmmaker to grow at an increased rate, Iyabo created the Feedback Loop program as a way to approximate this knowledge gathering for the benefit of our community.

Over the next six months, BGDM will offer three different sections of the program: Editing & Festival Prep in August/September, Grant Writing & Producing in October/November, and Audience Building & Impact in December/January. This is the second time BGDM has offered this program to members, with the last round being in 2019.

Juliana Sakae
Juliana Sakae

Juliana Sakae (she/her) is a Japanese-Brazilian journalist and filmmaker whose work focuses on social issue documentaries, human rights, and children.