BGDM Members' Films at Sundance 2024

Lissa Deonarain • December 20, 2023

Sundance season always gets us excited for the New Year! The best part: there's a ton of nonfiction feature, short and episodic documentaries from our BIPOC women and nonbinary community. You won't want to miss this lineup, so check out all the films in our Airtable gallery.

Note: All credits are pulled from the festival website and members notifying us of their role on films. Are you a member who worked on a film but aren't in the gallery? Head to Mighty Networks and fill out our Meet the Members form.

Lissa Deonarain
Lissa Deonarain

Lissa Deonarain (she/they) is a queer, disabled, multiracial Guyanese-American documentary filmmaker, editor, communications specialist and producer. She has produced films around the world, and worked with award-winning directors.